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Finding the Best Limassol Apartment for Sale

Finding the Best Limassol Apartment for Sale

If you are looking for a place to settle or invest in, Limassol should be one of the places to consider. In the past few years, the city has seen significant growth, fueled by a resurgent economy. Many multinational companies have launched their operations in the city. Also, the city has continued to increase its cultural diversity, by taking advantage of programs like the citizenship by investment. This has attracted people from Asia, Russia, Europe, and Africa. Therefore, as Limassol continues to improve, it makes sense for you to buy a Limassol Apartment for Sale.

Why Limassol?

Other than the entry of multinational companies and the citizenship visas, there are other reasons why you might want to consider buying an apartment in the city.

First, Limassol is the second-largest city in the country after Nicosia. This means that you can find virtually anything you want in the city. There are high-class hospitals, world-class universities, and top-notch schools for your kids. Also, being smaller than Nicosia means that the city has more room to grow in the near future.

Second, it is close to the major airports of the country. It is less than 60 kilometers from both Larnaca and Paphos international airports. This means that if you travel a lot, you will only travel a few kilometers to the airports. The roads that connect these cities are of the best quality too.
Third, getting a Limassol apartment for sale allows you to live or invest in a city that has a long cultural history. In the city, you can visit world-famous sites like the Ancient Kourion, the Limassol Castle, Kolossi Castle, and the archeological museum among others.

Third, a Limassol apartment allows you to live or invest in a diverse city next to the Mediterranean. It has excellent weather, with more than 300 sunny days every year. As more international residents take advantage of the city’s friendliness, the property values will continue to rise.

How to Find a Limassol Apartment for Sale
The easiest way to find a good Limassol apartment for sale is to find excellent real estate agents. It is preferred that you select one with an online platform listing their properties because this will help you compare prices, locations, and nearby amenities. At CENTURY 21, we have an active platform that lists hundreds of Limassol apartments, their locations, prices, and the agent to get in touch with. When you have the idea of what you want to buy, it will help you in the negotiation process and save you time and other resources.


Obviously, there are other property real estate agents in Limassol. What makes CENTURY 21 different is the experience of the company. CENTURY 21 Greece and Cyprus is the master franchisor in the region and is part of one of the largest real estate sales organizations in the world. This heritage gives the company unparalleled experience and expertise in the industry.
Second, with the company, you are sure to buy at the right price. To ensure that this is the case, we have the best-certified valuation properties. Finally, you can be sure that our representatives will always treat you well, keeping your budget in their minds. So, go ahead and get in touch with one of our customer relations office. You won’t regret.



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