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CENTURY 21 Rebranding

CENTURY 21 Rebranding

Innovative Marketing Award

CENTURY 21 has launched the largest marketing campaign in its history, running across the country, to mark the network’s massive global rebrand.

The campaign comes off the back of the CENTURY 21’s global parent unveiling an international rebranding campaign at its recent Masters’ event in Orlando, Florida. Global President and CEO Nick Bailey were on hand to welcome this colossal change of the logo, which features a refreshed colour palette that stays true to its iconic gold and black scheme while embracing a new, modern look and shortened brand name.

The company has already received global recognition for its recent brand reinvention by winning the “Most Innovative Marketing Campaign” at the Inman Innovator Awards in the United States.

“It’s rare that a rebrand is so widely hailed as the best possible reiteration of a company, but CENTURY 21’s clean and sweeping rebrand was so sophisticated and modern that it was immediately accepted and celebrated throughout the real estate industry.”


Source: Inman, PR Newswire Association LLC



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