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We use a professional Cloud-based Real Estate Management software that includes:

  • Work remotely: You can work from outside the office or even on-the-go. The system lets you access all data by simply using your web browser.
  • Properties, Clients and Leads: All aspects of your business can be managed from within one single system, including creating properties, clients and new leads.
  • Listings: Properties are automatically distributed across local and international portals for maximum exposure. Our main website,, is also directly connected with the system.
  • Deals & Leads: Easily manage Deals and Leads from the system and use existing sales pipelines to quickly organize your deals.
  • Automatic marketing: The system will automatically notify clients of new properties that may be of their interest.
  • Secure: The system is very secure and backups are generated every day to keep your data safe.


With more brand awareness than any other Real Estate brand, CENTURY 21® is recognized among buyers, sellers and Real Estate agents working in the industry. We are looking for entrepreneurs who defy mediocrity and never settle for average. #jointherelentless

Asked Questions

What does it take to become a CENTURY 21® Franchisee?

Besides the financial investment required to establish the franchise, owning a CENTURY 21® real estate franchise takes a strong personal commitment to the business and an active involvement in its operation. Our franchisees also share a few personal qualities: a commitment to excellence, the desire to be the best and, of course, a passion for the real estate industry.

How long time does it take to open a franchise?

The onboarding process to open a new CENTURY 21® franchise is approximately 4-6 weeks long. The onboarding process involves signing of legal agreements, extensive training and business planning to determine the goals of the franchise.

What are the available franchise options?

We are accepting franchise requests from existing Real Estate companies that are currently in business, providing all tools necessary to convert the existing business to a CENTURY 21® franchise. We also help startups to quickly get up and running as a CENTURY 21® franchise.

I'm interested to open a franchise, what's the next step?

Please reach out to us using the form below, and a CENTURY 21® representative will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your interest in becoming a CENTURY 21® franchise!

Are we a match?

The CENTURY 21® System currently has over 8,000 independently owned and operated franchise brokers across 81 countries and territories. We are currently looking for the relentless go-getters in the region of Cyprus and Greece. If you would like to explore this opportunity, please contact us at

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