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Limassol Skyline Development

Limassol Skyline Development

Located on the southern coast of Cyprus, Limassol is a tale of two cities. Here dynamic modern structures stand harmoniously alongside remnants of its multicultural past, from the Venetians to the British Empire.

Limassol, both modern and cosmopolitan, as well as traditional and picturesque, is a city with an interesting architectural mix. Classic or modern, larger or smaller, the buildings in this city create a unique atmosphere. As Limassol keeps growing day by day, it becomes an inspiration for new architectural ideas and proposals, too.

In recent years the city’s skyline has been transformed from typical Mediterranean seaside city to something more akin to Manhattan. And as tourism continues to boom, more and more overseas property buyers seek residency and Limassol’s status as the islands international business centre grows, development there continues to reach for the sky.

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