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Red Diamond Pre-Party | 30/07/2021

Red Diamond Pre-Party | 30/07/2021

The Red Diamond Pre-party began like any other event, but rest assured, this event was not an ordinary one. 

The night was framed by the gathering of Limassol’s business hub and highlighted by the fabulous cocktails and exquisite bites that were being served, courtesy of Bar Du Soleil. What followed was a party full of business networking and entertaining vibes while the notes of the saxophone accompanied our guests throughout the night.

CENTURY 21® was delighted to host the Cyprus – Russian Business Association (CYRUBA) and of course pleased to welcome amazing businessmen and businesswomen of Cyprus.

The celebration was dedicated to praising female inventiveness and honouring the vital role women play in the business world.


The Event

From the second our guests arrived, they were met with our graceful hostess. After the necessary safety measures were ensured, the guests entered  the event ready to enjoy a fabulous evening. In the event, an Aperol Spritz truck was available for the guests to get their favourite drinks, brought to us by Bar Du Soleil.

Accompanying the various cocktails, various cheese and meat delicacies along with dry fruits and nuts were offered to the attendees. Complimenting the event with smooth beats and relaxing vibes, was expertly handled by the DJ in combination with a live Saxophone 

With the Red Diamond event taking place at the stylish CENTURY 21® offices by the sea in Agios Tychonas, the guests got acquainted with the amazing nominees of the Red Diamond Russian Businesswoman of the Year Award, as well as met face to face with influential people from multiple industries.

Our attendees also had the chance to interact with CENTURY 21® Property Consultants who were more than happy to answer questions and give pointers about the real estate industry of Cyprus

Red Diamond Pre Party - Bar Du Soleil


Socializing and Networking

A welcoming speech given by CENTURY 21® CEO Tony Costa, offering his warmest salutations. Followed by a speech from the Director of Cyprus Russian Business Association, Andy Nathanael‘s speech congratulating the nominees for the success and highlighting the importance of such events.

The night was characterised by its social nature, that gave the chance to everyone to meet and connect with Cyprus’s most successful business individuals.

The importance of such events is not only the fact that the attendees create critical and solid connections; it is also the fact that the attendees get to share ideas and be inspired by other industries, while at the same time having productive conversations with refreshing and diverse perspectives. 

By the end of the night, not only did we celebrate the fearless nominees of the Russian Business Woman of the Year Award, but also our attendees, affiliates, and participants got to meet Cyprus’s business leaders, form new relationships, and even strengthen existing ones.

Red Diamond Pre Party - Century 21


The After-Effects

The goal of this successful gathering initially was for our guests to meet face to face and connect with industry leaders. Turns out, our celebration was so much more just networking.

It was about enjoying a beautiful Friday night, it was about solidifying relationships and building new ones, it was about business

To conclude, CENTURY 21® would like to thank all guests for attending our celebration and congratulate all Red Diamond Russian Businesswoman of the Year nominees. This networking event was, what we hope to be, the first of many more to come. 

Red Diamond Pre Party - Century 21




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