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With CENTURY 21® Real Estate, you will have the advantage of a professional local real estate sales associate who knows the ins and outs of home sales in your neighborhood, plus the reach of a global brand presence.

Are you getting ready to sell your property? We have a large portfolio of clients looking for properties, along with a national and international marketing strategies ensuring maximum exposure of your property to large audiences.

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    Why Choose CENTURY 21?

    Your home is more than an architectural structure. Often, it’s an extension of who you are – your personality, style, and values. That’s why selling it can be an emotional experience. But it can also be exciting and rewarding.

    Once you’ve made up your mind to sell your home, you need to do your “homework” – and CENTURY 21® is a great place to start! Getting a signed contract is a great accomplishment, but that’s only half the journey. The typical home sale today involves many steps after the initial contract is accepted to complete the transaction.

    A real estate professional can provide the experience and local knowledge to guide you through the entire process, and selling your home within the ideal time frame and at the most effective price point. As the representative of your best interests, your CENTURY 21® Agent has state-of-the-art marketing resources to showcase your home’s best assets, and help you determine what improvements will make the biggest difference.

    Much of what needs to be done before the closing is the responsibility of appraisers, loan processors, attorneys, and inspectors. Your CENTURY 21® Agent’s role also includes coordinating those responsibilities, helping to ensure that others do their jobs promptly and correctly.

    Many steps between contract ratification and closing involve the cooperation of both buyer and seller, and attentive real estate professionals on both sides of the transaction will troubleshoot and keep everyone on track.

    We are here to help you all the way

    When it’s time to sell your home, you will need the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional.

    List your property for sale with an iconic brand and franchisor with the largest global network in the residential real estate industry.

    The Sale

    Once you negotiate and settle on a price, the buyer arranges for financing and a home inspection.

    Negotiating the Deal
    Successful real estate negotiation is more than a matter of luck, innate talent or charm.

    Home Inspection
    A home inspection is a professional, objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.


    Real estate marketing involves so much more than a sign in the yard or a web posting. Successful brokers and agents use a variety of methods to attract and qualify prospects, including the latest Internet and communication advances.

    1. Creating a Plan
      Your CENTURY 21® Agent will help you create a marketing plan that will make it easier to sell your home at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.
    2. Adding Value to your Home
      Ten tips that will add value to your home and increase your chances of a successful sale.
    1. Setting the Price
      Setting the right price for your home is key to the home selling process. Learn how to study market trends and set the right price for your home.
    2. Showing Your Home
      Staging your home is an important part of the sales process. A CENTURY 21® Agent will help you and provide all necessary showing tips that can help boost a home’s curb appeal and create a lasting first impression. Potential buyers will feel “at home” – and more likely to buy – as soon as they walk through the door.

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