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Understanding the Field of Property Management in Cyprus

Understanding the Field of Property Management in Cyprus

The allure of the real estate is always depicted by the successful people who have invested in the sector. For this reason, most people want to venture into the sector because of the stability and cash flow it generates. As Franklin Roosevelt said, ‘Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.’ A common challenge most developers face is on how to market and manage their projects. In this article, we will explain why property management in Cyprus is so important and why CENTURY 21 is the best in the industry.

What Property Managers Do

To starters, as the name suggests, property management refers to the process of overseeing residential, commercial, or industrial property. The work of a property manager is to complement the work done by the property manager. Some of the work done by property managers are marketing the building, taking prospective customers to visit the sites, collecting rent, preparing rental and lease contracts, overseeing the repair and maintenance work, and providing a communication channel between the residents, suppliers and local authorities with the developers.

While a developer can carry out these tasks using a in-house team, it is always recommended that they use the services of a good company for property management in Cyprus. First, it helps reduce the wage bill of their organizations through the use of economies of scale. Second, property management firms have the experience and expertise of managing multiple properties. Third, by using property management firms, developers can focus on property development, which is their areas of expertise. In short, the developer can continue making money, while the property manager deals with the headaches that come with running the property.

Ideal Property Management in Cyprus

Like in most countries, there are many property managers in Cyprus. But property managers are not
created equal. As a developer, since you spent a fortune building your property, it is essential that you
have a manager that cares for your interests. A common rule is to ensure that the manager you select
meets a couple of qualities. These are:

  • – They must have a great brand.
  • – They must be aligned to your goals.
  • – They must be aggressive.
  • – They must be tech-savvy
  • – They must be honest.
  • – They must have excellent communication skills.


CENTURY 21 is the fastest growing property management company in Cyprus. It is part of the largest real estate companies in the world, with thousands of real estate agents. Its strong brand, coupled with its strong work ethics makes us the best partner for all developers, large and small. We are present in all cities in the country and have enough breadth and depth of the real estate industry. Our team is made of aggressive, honest, and tech-savvy agents who know how to generate leads and manage the properties. Our website has grown to become the leading real estate platform in the country, with thousands of visitors every month.



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